Removal of High Concentrations of the Anesthetic Gas Nitrous Oxide Using Nonthermal Plasma Combined With an Adsorbent

  title={Removal of High Concentrations of the Anesthetic Gas Nitrous Oxide Using Nonthermal Plasma Combined With an Adsorbent},
  author={Tomoyuki Kuroki and Toshiaki Yamamoto and Shunsuke Nishii and Masayuki Akita and Masaaki Okubo},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications},
Nitrous oxide (N<sub>2</sub>O) is commonly used as an anesthetic gas in hospitals. It is a greenhouse gas and should therefore be removed to limit pollution. As nonthermal plasma has low electron density, it has been considered effective for the treatment of low concentrations of gas. Moreover, N<sub>2</sub>O is extremely stable in the troposphere, and is therefore difficult to decompose. In this study, a system to remove high concentrations of N<sub>2 </sub>O using nonthermal plasma along with… CONTINUE READING
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