Removal of Cr(VI) from simulative contaminated groundwater by iron metal

  title={Removal of Cr(VI) from simulative contaminated groundwater by iron metal},
  author={Naman Cissoko and Z. Zhang and Jinghui Zhang and X. Xu},
  journal={Process Safety and Environmental Protection},
  • Naman Cissoko, Z. Zhang, +2 authors X. Xu
  • Published 2009
  • Chemistry
  • Process Safety and Environmental Protection
  • Abstract The Cr(VI) removal from simulative contaminated groundwater using zero-valent iron (Fe0) filings, Fe0 powder and nanoscale Fe0 in batch experimental mode was studied. Cr(VI) is a primary pollutant of some soils and groundwater. Zero-valent iron, an important natural reductant, could transform Cr(VI) to Cr(III) which is much less toxic and immobile. The Cr(VI) removal percentage was 87% at a metal to solution ratio of 6 g l−1 for commercial iron powder (200 mesh) in 120 min, and 100% Cr… CONTINUE READING
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