Removal characteristics of wipe devices under various conditions.

  title={Removal characteristics of wipe devices under various conditions.},
  author={Miki Shoji and Takashi Kondo and Akihiro Kijima and Yukinobu Shibao and Tomoko Nakajima and Koichi Yamada and Nobuo Nemoto},
  journal={Health physics},
  volume={99 Suppl 2},
Understanding the removal factor for specific conditions is essential to estimate removable surface contamination levels by wiping. The removal characteristics of dry foamed polystyrene pads and filter paper applied to polyvinyl chloride flooring are investigated using C-thymidine under various conditions (i.e., weight of contaminants, wax coating, temperature and humidity). Eight wipes were performed per flooring piece with a uniformly deposited contaminant to estimate the total removable… CONTINUE READING

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