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Removal Speckle Noise from Medical Image Using Image Processing Techniques

  title={Removal Speckle Noise from Medical Image Using Image Processing Techniques},
  author={Abdulaziz Saleh Yeslem Bin-Habtoor and Dr. Salem Saleh Al-amri},
In image processing, medical images are corrupted by different types of noises. It is very important to obtain precise images to facilitate accurate observations for the given application. Removing of noise from medical images is now a very challenging issue in the field of medical image processing, this paper attempts to undertake the study of speckle noise of medical image by using three types of filters as mean filter, median filter and adaptive median filter applied in the four types of… 

Restoration Medical Images from Speckle Noise Using Multifilters

  • M. Kadhim
  • Medicine
    2021 7th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Systems (ICACCS)
  • 2021
A process of adding noise using the speckle noise of the medical image and removes this noise by using three types of filters as a mean, median, and Weiner filters, these filters applied in different stages on the different medical image.

Noise Removal Techniques and Quality analysis of X-ray Images

  • Manjula Gururaj Rao HDr. G. S. Nagaraja
  • Medicine
    2019 1st International Conference on Advanced Technologies in Intelligent Control, Environment, Computing & Communication Engineering (ICATIECE)
  • 2019
This paper elaborates on different types of noise in the X-ray Dicom images and different filtering methods.

A new Speckle Noise Reduction Technique to Suppress Speckle in Ultrasound Images

  • Computer Science
  • 2017
A new speckle noise reduction technique has been suggested that uses the concept of absolute difference and mean and measured in terms of performance measures like Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR), Mean Square Error (MSE) and Signal to noise Ratio (SNR).

Noise removal of the x-ray medical image using fast spatial filters and GPU

This work undertake the study of noise removal techniques in medical image by using fast implementation of different digital filters, such as average, median and Gaussian filter, taking into account the data parallelism.

A Evaluation of Noise Reduction Filters in Medical Image Processing using OpenMP

The principal aim of this project is to develop an algorithm that helps suppress the noise as a preprocessing stage before medical analysis to help medical professionals get better details about the different pathologies for effective diagnostics and treatment.

A Median Filter With Evaluating of Temporal Ultrasound Image for Impulse Noise Removal for Kidney Diagnosis

Ultrasound imaging helps the doctor to view the tissues and organs in the body's abdominal area with no ionization risks compared to other internal organ examination methods dependent on radiation.

Impact of Edge Detection Algorithms in Medical Image Processing

This paper evaluated the performance of different edge detection algorithms; Canny, Prewitt, LOG, and Laplacian with and without adding filer such as wiener and median and found that the best algorithm for displaying edge and removing Gaussian noise is the Canny algorithm after using the median filter.

Processing MRI Brain Image using OpenMP and Fast Filters for Noise Reduction

The principal aim of this work is to apply different algorithms and filters to reduce the noise of magnetic resonance brain images, due to the noise in these can cause to give a difficult diagnosis.

Denoising CT Images using Median based Filters: a Review

The results shown that the Adaptive Median Filter (AMF) can remove the salt and pepper noise from CT image, the AMF algorithm maintain the edge of the image and detail information of the objects, and the overall filters comparison indicates a quite effective noise removal and satisfactory performance of AMF among others.


This paper study is conducted for pre-processing abdominal CT scan images so as to segment the kidney for further analysis of lesion detection and it is observed that Edge based active contour produced better results than Graph Cut and regionbased active contours.



A New Method to Remove Noise in Magnetic Resonance and Ultrasound Images

In the proposed method median filter is modified by adding more features, and the quality of the output images is measured by the statistical quantity measures: peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR), signal- to-no noise ratio (SNR) and root mean square error (RMSE).

Novel Bayesian multiscale method for speckle removal in medical ultrasound images

A novel speckle suppression method for medical ultrasound images that uses the alpha-stable model to develop a blind noise-removal processor that performs a nonlinear operation on the data and designs a Bayesian estimator that exploits these statistics.

Noise Reduction in Magnetic Resonance Images using Wave Atom Shrinkage

An efficient method for enhancement of noisy magnetic resonance image using wave atom shrinkage is proposed, and the reconstructed MRI data have high Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) compared to the curvelet and wavelet domain denoising approaches.

Removal of correlated Rician noise in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The results show that the proposed technique is more efficient at removing correlated noise than existing MRI denoising techniques and to visibly improve contrast as well as to provide a large increase in PSNR.

A Model for Radar Images and Its Application to Adaptive Digital Filtering of Multiplicative Noise

A model for the radar imaging process is derived and a method for smoothing noisy radar images is presented and it is shown that the filter can be easily implemented in the spatial domain and is computationally efficient.

Noise removal using fourth-order partial differential equation with applications to medical magnetic resonance images in space and time

A new method for image smoothing based on a fourth-order PDE model that demonstrates good noise suppression without destruction of important anatomical or functional detail, even at poor signal-to-noise ratio is introduced.

Speckle Filtering of Sar Images -a Comparative Study between Complex-wavelet-based and Standard Filters

We present a comparative study between a complex Wavelet Coeecient Shrinkage (WCS) lter and several standard speckle lters that are widely used in the radar imaging community (Lee, Kuan, Frost,

Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of Image Denoising Techniques

In this paper, various spatial filters are discussed in chapter 1 and the comparison of the results gives the conclusion and the future scope of the discussion.

Compartive Approach for Speckle Reduction in Medical ultrasound Images

  • National Conference of Biophysics
  • 2010