Removable partial denture production in western Germany.

  title={Removable partial denture production in western Germany.},
  author={G Owall and K W Bieniek and Hubertus Spiekermann},
  journal={Quintessence international},
  volume={26 9},
Removable partial denture production in western Germany was studied by analyzing 1,082 photographs taken in consecutive series at five large dental laboratories. The photographic technique was standardized, enabling evaluation of the casts as well as the design of the dentures. Of the casts, 47.2% were maxillary and 52.8% were mandibular. The mean number of teeth present was 6.29 in the maxilla and 6.57 in the mandible. In the maxilla, 52.9% of the molar regions were edentulous; i.e., they had… CONTINUE READING
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