Remote viewing exposed

  title={Remote viewing exposed},
  author={David F. Marks and Christopher Scott},
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  • Intuition, Creativity, Innovation
  • 2018
From a Distance
An exhibition of very large scale documentary photographs of the Elephant and Castle exhibited at London College of Communication. From a Distance was a commission given to photographer Paul Reas to
Beyond Belief: Index
Beyond Belief: Skepticism, Science and the Paranormal
Preface 1. Introduction - the paranormal and why it matters 2. The nature of science 3. The paranormal 4. Skepticism - from Socrates to Hume 5. Modern skepticism 6. Bringing skepticism down to earth
The psychology of paranormal beliefs
Investigation of paranormal claims has failed to find any repeatable paranormal phenomena, yet beliefs in such phenomena are extemely prevalent. Some of the psychological mechanisms which support
C60: Buckminsterfulleren, die Himmelssphäre, die zur Erde fiel
Uberraschend entdeckten Radioastronomen in den Jahren 1975 bis 1978 in den kalten Dun-kelwolken des interstellaren Raumes die langkettigen Polyinylcyanide HC5N, HC7N und HC9N. Bei der darauffolgenden


Information transmission in remote viewing experiments
The results do not verify the claim that an extrasensory remote viewing ability may be widely distributed in the general population, but they do not discredit the claim.
Information transmission under conditions of sensory shielding
WE present results of experiments suggesting the existence of one or more perceptual modalities through which individuals obtain information about their environment, although this information is not