Remote surface roughness scattering in ultrathin-oxide MOSFETs

  title={Remote surface roughness scattering in ultrathin-oxide MOSFETs},
  author={Francisco Gamiz and Andres Godoy and F. Jim{\'e}nez-Molinos and Pedro Cartujo-Cassinello and J. B. Roldan},
  journal={ESSDERC '03. 33rd Conference on European Solid-State Device Research, 2003.},
A model to study the effect of the roughness at the poly-Si/SiO/sub 2/ interface in silicon inversion layers on the electron mobility is obtained. Screening of the resulting perturbation potential by the channel carriers is taken into account, considering Green's functions for metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) geometry, i.e. taking into account the finite thickness of the gate oxide. Mobility of electrons is evaluated at room temperature by the Monte Carlo method, taking into account the… CONTINUE READING