Remote supratentorial extradural hematoma following posterior fossa surgery

  title={Remote supratentorial extradural hematoma following posterior fossa surgery},
  author={Paritosh Pandey and Venkatesh Shankar Madhugiri and Mithun G. Sattur and B IndiraDevi},
  journal={Child's Nervous System},
Posterior fossa tumors are associated frequently with hydrocephalus. Remote supratentorial hematoma after posterior fossa surgery is a rare but dreaded complication. These hematomas can be intraparenchymal or extradural. The possible causes include sudden decompression of ventricular pressure in the supratentorial compartment, rupture of cortical veins in the sitting position, coagulopathy, hemodynamic fluctuations during surgery, and position-related ischemia. We report a large bifrontal… CONTINUE READING
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