Remote p-doping of InAs nanowires.

  title={Remote p-doping of InAs nanowires.},
  author={H-Y Li and O. Wunnicke and Magnus T Borgstr{\"o}m and W G G Immink and Maarten H M van Weert and Marcel A. Verheijen and Erik P A M Bakkers},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={7 5},
We report on remote p-type doping of InAs nanowires by a p-doped InP shell grown epitaxially on the core nanowire. This approach addresses the challenge of obtaining quantitative control of doping levels in nanowires grown by the vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) mechanism. Remote doping of III-V nanowires is demonstrated here with the InAs/InP system. It is especially challenging to make p-type InAs wires because of Fermi level pinning around 0.1 eV above the conduction band. We demonstrate that… CONTINUE READING

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