Remote imaging in the ultraviolet using intensified and nonintensified CCDs

  title={Remote imaging in the ultraviolet using intensified and nonintensified CCDs},
  author={Bruce B. Glasgow and M. Glaser and R. Whitley},
  booktitle={Electronic Imaging},
Recent advances in charge-coupled device (CCD) coatings and manufacturing have resulting in CCDs sensitive to short UV wavelengths. These UV-enhanced CCDs can be used to image in the UV without the negative attributes of the intensified systems. This paper compares the characteristics of two systems: (1) a non-intensified UV-enhanced CCD sensor system, and (2) an intensified sensor system using a photocathode/micro-channel plate (MCP)/fiber optic bundle with a high quantum efficiency CCD. Both… Expand
Synthetic Simulation and Modeling of Image Intensified CCDs (IICCD)
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Assessment of a fluorescence-enhanced optical imaging system using the Hotelling observer.
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Objective Assessment of Image Quality (OAIQ) in Fluorescence-Enhanced Optical Imaging. (December 2006) Amit K. Sahu, B. Tech., Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India Co-Chairs of AdvisoryExpand
Algorithms and performance bounds for chemical identification under a Poisson model for Raman spectroscopy
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Resolution and contrast of intensified and nonintensified UV imaging
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