Remote Real-Time Monitoring of Subsurface Landfill Gas Migration

  title={Remote Real-Time Monitoring of Subsurface Landfill Gas Migration},
  author={Cormac Fay and Aiden R. Doherty and Stephen Beirne and Fiachra Collins and Colum Foley and John Healy and Breda M. Kiernan and Hyowon Lee and Damien Maher and Dylan Orpen and Thomas Phelan and Zhengwei Qiu and Kirk Zhang and Cathal Gurrin and Brian Corcoran and Noel E. O'Connor and Alan F. Smeaton and Dermot Diamond},
The cost of monitoring greenhouse gas emissions from landfill sites is of major concern for regulatory authorities. The current monitoring procedure is recognised as labour intensive, requiring agency inspectors to physically travel to perimeter borehole wells in rough terrain and manually measure gas concentration levels with expensive hand-held instrumentation. In this article we present a cost-effective and efficient system for remotely monitoring landfill subsurface migration of methane and… CONTINUE READING