Remote Monitoring and Sorting System for Waste Material Management Using RFID

  • Mr . P . Balramdu, Mr . Manoj Kumar, Phalke Ulhas
  • Published 2014


Plastics and electronic materials are widely used non-biodegradable materials which have to be recycled economically and efficiently. For efficient recycling of plastics and electronic different types of polymer and electronic materials have to be identified and segregated. Economic aspects mandate that the plastic be identified and sorted instantaneously. In this work the radio frequency identification (RFID) has been used for the instantaneous and on-line identification of consumer plastics and electronic wastes. This system enables identification of the waste material. To realize the above, a low cost embedded system, capable of automating the process of plastic and E-waste sorting method has been developed. Further, a wireless interface, capable of controlling the RFID reader remotely has been implemented to safeguard personnel from the unhygienic environments prevalent in plastic recycling plants. Though many methods are available for sorting the plastic and electronic waste materials they are very costly and expensive. Here the system is implemented by using the RFID tags which are low expensive can store vital information about the waste material. The quantity of plastic and electronic waste material found is transferred to the remote monitoring personal computer by using wireless zigbee interface.

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