Remote Health Monitoring using Embedded Systems


he increase in the population of aged people is now the leading healthcare concern of many countries in the world. Aged patients need more healthcare efforts as they present more cases of chronic illnesses involving higher healthcare costs. e-Health systems based on modern information technology are expected to play a role in solving this problem. India, with its huge population, is an ideal setting for telemedicine. Here, the design of an embedded telemedicine system and web server for remote health monitoring of patients is proposed. It enlightens the technique to remotely monitor patients’ data. This real time telemedicine system which utilizes GSM/GPRS protocol is proposed for the third world countries with the help of which, the patients can be monitored from any part of the world by the doctors through the internet. This system uses a set of software simulators and a DAC as a solution to low cost testing. Here, LabView software is used as the software simulator for generating the ECG signal and NI equipment to get a real time analog output. That signal is fed into a GSM modem to transmit data over the internet. Keywords— Electrocardiogram (ECG), Telemedicine, Low power devices, Electrodes, Heart rate, Patient

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