Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy

  title={Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy},
  author={Lawrence Lessig},
Introduction Part One: Cultures (Cultures of Our Past Culture of Our Future RO, Extended RW, Revived Cultures Compared) Part Two: Economies (Two Economies: Commercial and Sharing Hybrid Economies Economy Lessons) Part Three: Enabling the Future (Reforming Law Reforming Us Conclusion) 
Dynamics of the Sharing Economy between Commons and Commodification
Revisiting scholarly debates around the weal and woe of the so-called “sharing economy,” this essay proposes a distinction between commons-based and market-based forms of the sharing economy.Expand
The sharing economy and Web 2.0 : a consumer perspective
The concept of the sharing economy has gained increased attention among academicresearch and practitioners alike. The sharing economy presents a shift from the traditionalcommerce way of business tExpand
Networked Cultures in the Collaborative Economy
This chapter charts diverse approaches to conceptualising the cultures of connection characterising the collaborative economy. To decode the “we-conomy”, we revisit classic notions of coexistence,Expand
From cultural industries to creative economy: The popular culture within the public policy
Lately, creative industries have become an extremely popular concept in cultural policies across the globe. For many, it came as a surprise. However, the idea of merging culture and arts withExpand
Selling, Sharing, and Everything In Between: The Hybrid Economies of Collaborative Networks
Recent consumer research has examined contexts where market-based exchange, gift-giving, sharing, and other modes of exchange occur simultaneously and obey several intersecting logics, but consumerExpand
Marketing in the Sharing Economy
The last decade has seen the emergence of the sharing economy as well as the rise of a diverse array of research on this topic both inside and outside the marketing discipline. However, the sharingExpand
Promises and paradoxes of the sharing economy: An organizing framework
In this article, we take stock of the ambivalent and contested nature of the sharing economy. Considering the ‘sharing economy’ as an umbrella construct and an essentially contested concept, weExpand
Sharing Economy
In the last few years, a new technological, economic, social and cultural phenomenon is emerging: the so-called sharing economy. The upheaval introduced by the Web 2.0 allowed the birth ofExpand
Sharing Economy: For an Economic Taxonomy
Sharing economy is an emerging phenomenon without a consolidated economic approach. We focus on main economic characteristics of sharing economy, as a category of peer-to-peer markets, which includeExpand
Definitions and mapping the landscape in the collaborative economy
This chapter examines definitions of the collaborative economy and maps out the landscape of collaborative economy in tourism. We cast a wide and inclusive net, acknowledging that the collaborativeExpand


'Sharing Nicely': On Shareable Goods and the Emergence of Sharing as a Modality of Economic Production
II. LUMPINESS, GRANULARITY, AND SHAREABLE GOODS 296 A. Renewable Resources 298 B. Rapidly Decaying Resources 300 C. Lumpiness in General 301 D. Shareable Goods: Conclusion 304
The Free-Market Innovation Machine - Analyzing the Growth Miracle of Capitalism
Preface vii CHAPTER 1: Introduction: The Engine of Free-Market Growth 1 PART I: THE CAPITALIST GROWTH MECHANISM CHAPTER 2: The "Somewhat Optimal" Attributes of Capitalist Growth: OligopolisticExpand
The Long Tail of Legal Scholarship
Chris Anderson's book, The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More, has attracted enormous attention since its publication in July 2006. His insight is that technology and theExpand
The Problem of Externality
ON the modern research agenda externalities occupy a rather prominent position. The increasing complexity of modern technology and society seems to create yet additional unwanted side effects thatExpand
Jefferson's yeoman farmer as frontier hero a self defeating mythic structure
American agrarianism, as informed by the frontier myth, has provided fundamental inventional resources for agricultural rhetoric. These myths have deflected farmers from positive adaptation,Expand
Artists' earnings and copyright: A review of British and German music industry data in the context of digital technologies
It is discussed to what extent the structure of copyright law is to blame, and the article sets out a research agenda. Expand
The Nature of the Firm
ECONOMIC theory has suffered in the past from a failure to state clearly its assumptions. Economists in building up a theory have often omitted to examine the foundations on which it was erected.Expand
Coming Attractions?: Hollywood, High Tech, and the Future of Entertainment
@fmct:Contents @toc4:Acknowledgments xxx @toc2:1. Introduction 1 @toc3:Complements in Competitors' Clothing 000 The Nature of Information 000 Overview of the Bumpy Road to Prosperity 000 The Plan ofExpand
Democratizing innovation
  • John Cullen
  • Computer Science
  • J. Assoc. Inf. Sci. Technol.
  • 2006
The democratizing design for future computing platforms new challenges and opportunities in democratizing data democratizing entry: banking deregulations, financing democratizing technology: hierarchy and innovation in the digital opportunity: democratizing trade for the 99. Expand