Remittances and Emigration Intentions: Evidence from Armenia

  title={Remittances and Emigration Intentions: Evidence from Armenia},
  author={Aleksandr Grigoryan and Knar Khachatryan},
  journal={International Political Economy: Migration eJournal},
In this paper we analyze the recent migration wave in Armenia, using household level representative data from 2011. We identify determinants of emigration intentions by estimating a bivariate probit model with endogenous remittances. The key finding is that remittances help potential migrants to ease the migration process, serving as a resource rather than as a contractual tool between migrants and non-migrants. Spatial factors dominate in the set of (community level) instruments driving… 

Have international remittance inflows degraded environmental quality? A carbon emission mitigation analysis for Ghana

Despite the considerable contributions of remittances to households and economic advancements, their environmental implications have received little attention in empirical research. This study was,

Advantages Of International Economy

The economic theory of international trade differs from the remainder of economic theory mainly because of the comparatively limited international mobility of the capital and labor. In that respect,

Russian Language Versions of the Brief Scales of Adaptation and Acculturation Orientations by Demes and Geeraert: Psychometric Characteristics

  • K. OhkiI. Vachkov
  • Psychology
    Консультативная психология и психотерапия
  • 2022
Relevance. The paper presents the results of approbation of the Russian-language version of scales by K.A. Demes and N. Geeraert: the Brief Sociocultural Adaptation Scale (BSAS), the Brief



The effect of remittances on emigration intentions in Egypt, Morocco, and Turkey

The general conclusion of this study is that the family ties and the net Earnings potential of migrants have stronger effects on the flow of remittances than the net earnings potential of the households in the country of origin.

Migration Plans and Received Remittances: Evidence from Fiji and Tonga 1

This paper investigates the relationship between remittances and migration intentions in the source country using data from households in the Pacific island countries of Tonga and Fiji. Unlike

Remittances and migration intentions of the left-behind

Migration and the consequent flow of remittances are like a double-edged sword; while keeping many out of poverty, they can also result in further brain drain and demographic imbalance for the

Emigration from the South Caucasus: who goes abroad and what are the economic implications?

This article provides the first comparable cross-country empirical evidence on labour migration from the South Caucasus, based on a well-designed household survey from Armenia, Azerbaijan and

Remittances and Chain Migration: Longitudinal Evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Abstract Most of the literature on remittances focuses on their implications for the welfare of family members in the country of origin and disregards their role as facilitator of chain migration. We

Migration, remittances, and male and female employment patterns

Little is known about the labor market impacts of workers’ remittances, despite their magnitude in countries with considerable outmigration. Reports that families receiving international remittances

The new economics of labour migration and the role of remittances in the migration process.

  • J. Taylor
  • Economics
    International migration
  • 1999
The article states that remittances may be a positive factor in economic development, which should be nurtured by economic policies, and varies across locales and is influenced by migrants' remittance behavior and by economic contexts.

Motivations to Remit: Evidence from Botswana

  • O. Stark
  • Economics
    Journal of Political Economy
  • 1985
In this article a theory of motivations to send remittances is described and tested with data from Botswana. Altruism is one of the motivations tested and found to be an insufficient explanation for