Remission of congenital epulide - case report

  title={Remission of congenital epulide - case report},
  author={Milena Tavares de Carvalho and Isadora Santana de Souza and Patr{\'i}cia Coelho and Clarissa Teles Fagundes and Edite Novais Borges Pinchemel and L. C. Castro},
  journal={Journal of Dental Health, Oral Disorders \& Therapy},
Dentistry for newborns is willing to provide a lower rate of dental problems to children’s development, presenting more condition of proper oral health and parents more aware of the relevance of prevention. Attention is now focused on early care, beginning before the first year of life, when children of a few days or months are taken to the dental office to have the first educational recommendations and diagnosis of anomaly or alteration in the oral cavity, solving limitations such as… 


A rare case of congenital epulis of the newborn with multiple lesions
Treatment of a case of congenital epulis with multiple lesions, which was treated combining surgical resection of the largest tumor and monitoring of the smaller lesions, improved the infant’s quality of life and restored the parents’ confidence and emotional stability.
Congenital epulis with auto-resolution: case report
The case of a two-month-old male baby who presented a pedunculated intraoral lesion in the mandibular alveolar ridge, and healed spontaneously is described.
Congenital Epulis: A Case Report and Estimation of Incidence
A case report of an otherwise healthy female neonate with two Congenital Epuli arising from the upper and lower gingival margin, which were successfully treated with surgical excision.
Congenital Epulis in a Newborn: A Case Report, Immunoprofiling and Review of Literature
A case of congenital epulis in a newborn female on the right alveolar ridge is reported, along with an extensive review of literature and the immunoprofiling is discussed.
Congenital giant epulis obstructing oral cavity: newborn emergency
The case of a newborn female, vaginal delivery, presented with a giant intraoral tumor, obstructing the mouth of the newborn and prevent the attachment and feeding.
A newborn baby with a tumor protruding from the mouth. Diagnosis: congenital gingival granular cell tumor.
A full-term Caucasian girl with Apgar scores of 9/10 at 1 and 5 minutes and a birth weight of 3,500 g was born to a healthy 24-year-old mother following her second normal pregnancy and a firm, broad-based, pedunculated, pinkishred tumor was inserted into the maxillary alveolus to the left of the midline.
Congenital epulis: a surprise in the neonate.
Dentists should be able to recognize these swellings as they may be asked to consult and provide information to parents and other practitioners regarding treatment of these lesions.
Twin congenital epulis in the alveolar ridge of the maxilla and mandible in a newborn: a rare and interesting case
The infant was evaluated with head ultrasound, whole body X-ray and echocardiography for other malformations and was diagnosed with two masses originating from the left maxilla and mandible.
Multiple Congenital Granular Cell Epulis: Case Report and Immunohistochemical Profile with Emphasis on Vascularization
The immunohistochemical profile confirmed increased vascularization, proving that these lesions are composed of not only new and preexisting blood vessels, but also lymphatic vessels.
A Case of Congenital Granular Cell Epulis in the Maxillary Anterior Ridge: A Study of Cell Proliferation Using Immunohistological Staining
A four-day-old female neonate who had a tumor mass in the region of the left maxillary anterior teeth and the rate of cell proliferation was determined by immunostaining with Ki-67 and PCNA, which showed labeling indexes of 16.7 and 15.1%, respectively.