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Remembering thespis: How former student actors value their experiences in high school plays

  title={Remembering thespis: How former student actors value their experiences in high school plays},
  author={Mike Butterworth},
Transforming a literary work into a dramatic performance: a qualitative case study of the experiences of selected international school students in Thailand and Myanmar
This is a qualitative case study of how selected middle and high school students at two international schools, one in Thailand and another in Myanmar, took literary texts and transformed them into


Handbook of educational drama and theatre
Students seeking information about nontraditional drama careers will find this an essential handbook. . . . Highly recommended for libraries at all levels. Choice
Drama in education: A curriculum dilemma
(1984). Drama in education: A curriculum dilemma. Theory Into Practice: Vol. 23, Teaching the Arts, pp. 314-320.
Development through drama
This classic work on the use of drama as an educational tool in the classroom is a must for teachers looking for innovative ways to make learning fun and to bring out the best in their students.
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The nature and significance of critical educational events an educational bluebird - the making of Rushavenn Time filming a village life - community education in action the Chippindale Venture - real
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This book reveals the author's dedication to learning and teaching as it reveals her belief in the potential of each individual. She demystifies aspects of today's technological society, questions
Research methodologies for drama education
CONTENTS: Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Power and privilege: Re-envisioning the qualitative research lens 2. Re-imagining the reflective practitioner: Towards a philosophy of critical praxis 3.
Teaching Positions: Difference, Pedagogy, and the Power of Address
Drawing on media studies, literary theory, and the work of psychoanalytic feminist theorist Shoshana Felman, Ellsworth portrays the work of pedagogy as a performative practice, revealing the manner
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THEATRE 166 Introduction to Creative Enterprise 3 Units Students will be introduced to successful creative entrepreneurship and the definition of creative enterprise in its many forms. They will
The Concept of Theatre in Theatre Pedagogy
In an international context, the term “theatre pedagogy” may appear somewhat awkward; however the term makes clear this subject’s relation to the art form of theatre and its central significance in
Professing Performance, Disciplinary Genealogies
A century ago there were no university theatre departments. Jack-son digs into the archives to recount the story of how some white academic American men figured prominently in the academic