Remembering Emotional Experiences: The Contribution of Valence and Arousal

  title={Remembering Emotional Experiences: The Contribution of Valence and Arousal},
  author={E. Kensinger},
  journal={Reviews in the Neurosciences},
  pages={241 - 252}
  • E. Kensinger
  • Published 2004
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Reviews in the Neurosciences
  • Emotional experiences can be described by two factors: valence (how negative or positive) and arousal (how calming or exciting). Although both dimensions appear to influence memory, they may do so via distinct mechanisms. The amygdala likely plays a specific role in modulating memory for arousing experiences, whereas non-amygdalar networks may be instrumental in enhancing memory for non-arousing positive or negative events. 
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