Remarks on the Relation between Quantum Dynamics and Fractal Spectra

  title={Remarks on the Relation between Quantum Dynamics and Fractal Spectra},
  author={Jean-Marie Barbaroux and Jean-Michel Combes and Raphael Montcho},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications},
Abstract We investigate the large time behaviour of various solutions of the Schrodinger equation in terms of some local and global dimensions of the spectral measure. We emphasize in particular the role of the Hausdorff and correlation dimensions for the growth exponents of position moments. We also discuss the stability of such exponents under local perturbations. 
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Abstract We consider diffeomorphisms of surfaces leaving invariant an ergodic Borel probability measure μ. Define HD (μ) to be the infimum of Hausdorff dimension of sets having full μ-measure. We
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Different definitions of the correlation dimension are considered and some relationships between them and other characteristics of dimension type such as Hausdorff dimension, box dimension, etc are found.
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