Remarks on quark stars

  title={Remarks on quark stars},
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1 Bose – Einstein condensates in neutron stars
In the two decades since the appearance of the book “Bose–Einstein Condensation” in 1995, there have been a number of developments in our understanding of dense matter. After a brief overview ofExpand
Quark matter and quark stars in a quasiparticle model
We investigate the properties of the equation of state of strange-quark matter and u-d quark matter, the sound velocity of quark matter, the stability region for star matter, the maximum mass ofExpand
Quark star matter at finite temperature in a quasiparticle model
  • Peng-Cheng Chu, Yao-Yao Jiang, He Liu, Zhen Zhang, Xiao-Min Zhang, Xiao-Hua Li
  • Physics
  • The European Physical Journal C
  • 2021
We study the thermodynamic properties of asymmetric quark matter, large mass quark stars (QSs), and proto-quark stars (PQSs) within the quasiparticle model. Considering the effects of temperatureExpand
Quark star matter in heavy quark stars
We study the thermodynamic properties of asymmetric quark matter and large mass quark stars within the confined-isospin-density-dependent-quark-mass model. We find that the quark matter symmetryExpand
Strange quark star and the parameter space of the quasi-particle model
  • Wen-Hua Cai, Qing-wu Wang
  • Physics
  • Communications in Theoretical Physics
  • 2021
The properties of strange quark stars are studied within the quasi-particle model. Taking into account chemical equilibrium and charge neutrality, the equation of state (EOS) of (2+1) -flavor quarkExpand
Unified interacting quark matter and its astrophysical implications
We investigate interacting quark matter (IQM), including the perturbative QCD correction and color superconductivity, for both up-down quark matter ($ud$QM) and strange quark matter (SQM). We firstExpand
Chandrasekhar limit for rotating quark stars
The limiting mass is a significant characteristic for compact exotic stars including quark stars and can be expressed in terms of fundamental constants and the Bag constant. In the present work,Expand
From QCD to Neutron Stars and Back-Probing the Fundamental Properties of Dense Matter
The first theoretical attempts to study neutron stars — the immensely dense remnants of massive stars — were conducted in the 1930s, but it took nearly 40 years for the first one to be detected. EverExpand
On the stability of two-flavor and three-flavor quark matter in quark stars within the framework of NJL model
Following our recently proposed self-consistent mean field approximation approach, we have done some researches on the chiral phase transition of strong interaction matter within the framework of N...
Proto-strange quark star structure
In this paper, we investigate the newborn strange quark stars with constant entropy. We also use the MIT bag model to calculate the thermodynamic properties in two cases; the density-dependent bagExpand