Remarks on complex contact manifolds

  title={Remarks on complex contact manifolds},
  author={Sh{\^o}shichi Kobayashi},
1. Statement of results. Let M be a complex manifold of complex dimension 2n+1. Let { Ui} be an open covering of M. We call M a complex contact manifold if the following conditions are satisfied: (1) On each Ui there exists a holomorphic 1-form coi such that ciA(dci)" is different from zero at every point of U;. (2) If U,\ Us is nonempty, then there exists a nonvanishing holomorphic function f;q on U;C US such that cow =f,wj on Ui; Us. We shall prove the following 

On contact structures of real and complex manifolds

Introduction. Recently, the theory of contact manifolds has been developed by many authors. As well-known, a contact form w on a (2n+1)-dimensional differentiable manifold M is by definition a global

On Complex Contact Similarity Manifolds

We shall construct \emph{complex contact similarity manifolds}. Among them there exists a complex contact infranilmanifold $\cL/\Gamma$ which is a holomorphic torus fiber space over a  quaternionic

On the Ricci Curvature of Normal-Metric Contact Pair Manifolds

A real contact manifold is defined by a contact form η which is a volume form on a real (2p + 1)− dimensional differentiable manifold M . The kernel of η defines 2p−dimensional a non-integrable

Discrete groups and the complex contact geometry of $Sl(2,\mathbb {C})$

We investigate the vertical foliation of the standard complex contact structure on Γ \ Sl(2, C), where Γ is a discrete subgroup. We find that, if Γ is nonelementary, the vertical leaves on Γ \ Sl(2,

The complex geometry of two exceptional flag manifolds

We discuss the complex geometry of two complex five-dimensional Kähler manifolds which are homogeneous under the exceptional Lie group $$G_2$$ G 2 . For one of these manifolds, rigidity of the

Deformations of transversely symplectic and transversely contact foliations

The aim of this paper is to give a versality theorem for deformations of transversely holomorphic foliations on a compact manifold with an additional transversely symplectic or transversely contact

Bochner and conformal flatness on normal complex contact metric manifolds

We will prove that normal complex contact metric manifolds that are Bochner flat must have constant holomorphic sectional curvature 4 and be Kähler. If they are also complete and simply connected,

On complex Sasakian manifolds

In this article we study a class of normal{\theta}complex{\theta}contact{\theta}metric{\theta}manifold which is called a complex Sasakian manifold. This kind of manifold has a globally defined

Construction of Complex Contact Manifolds via Reduction

. Kobayashi [ 13 ] introduced complex contact manifolds as a variant of real contact manifolds. Later, Ishihara and Konishi [ 11 ] defined normality of complex contact manifolds as for Sasakian

F eb 2 02 2 A complex-contact manifold such that the contact line bundle is immersive and an application to the automorphism group

1 A connected compact complex-contact manifold is isomorphic to the kählerian C-space of Boothby type of a simple complex Lie algebra with the natural contact distribution if the contact line bundle




transformations in general and to the study of global contact transformations in the special case of euclidean space. In attempting to generalize Lie's results to more general manifolds, it becomes

Theory of Lie Groups

This famous book was the first treatise on Lie groups in which a modern point of view was adopted systematically, namely, that a continuous group can be regarded as a global object. To develop this

Theory of Lie Groups

IN recent years great advances have been made in our knowledge of the fundamental structures of analysis, particularly of algebra and topology, and an exposition of Lie groups from the modern point

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