Remarks on algorithm 352 [S22], algorithm 385 [S13], algorithm 392 [D3]

  title={Remarks on algorithm 352 [S22], algorithm 385 [S13], algorithm 392 [D3]},
  author={M. Frisch},
  journal={Commun. ACM},
  • M. Frisch
  • Published 1972
  • Computer Science
  • Commun. ACM
  • Submittal of an algorithm for eonsideralion for publication in Communications of the ACM implies that unrestricted use of the algorithm within a computer is permissible. Description This subroutine uses the product type trapezoidal rule compounded n times to approximate the value of the integral b f f(x)g(x) dx. (2 l~(g(a-.]-(j-1)h) x) (f(a + (j-1)h),f(a +jh)) i=i 1 2] \ g(a +jh) /' wlhereh = (b-a)/n. Note that Jig(x) ~ 1 (or fix)-~ 1),the rule reduces to the regular trapezoidal rule. The… CONTINUE READING