Religious freedom in the liberal state

  title={Religious freedom in the liberal state},
  author={Rex Tauati Ahdar and Ian Leigh},
Introduction PART I 1. Christian Perspectives 2. Liberal Perspectives PART II 3. Models of Religion-State Relations 4. Legal Protection of Religious Freedom 5. Is Establishment Consistent with Religious Freedom? 6. Limits to Religious Freedom PART III 7. Families, Parents, and Children 8. Education 9. Medical Treatment 10. Employment 11. Religious Group Autonomy 12. Religious Expression and Protest Bibliography 
Problematizing Religious Freedom
Part I.- Introduction.- What is Religion?.- What is Religion: The Historical Context.- What is Religion: The Legal Context.- What is Religious Freedom?.- The Possibility of Religious Freedom.- PartExpand
What Is Religion: The Legal Context
Religious freedom possesses both a moral and a legal dimension. Legal cases involving the need to define religion tend to favour a subjective definition, as in the Amselem case in Canada, which isExpand
The Right to Freedom of Religion: A Critical Review
4 The Protection of Religous Rituals 237 4.1 Clothing etc 237 4.2 Public holidays 238 4.3 Food and stimulants, etc. 238 4.4 Other matters 239 4.5 The Level of Protection for Religiously MotivatedExpand
Iran : suppression of religious freedom and persecution of religious minorities : case studies
The article explores the situation of non-Shiite Muslims, non-Christian religions like Baha'i, and the different Christian confessions in Iran. It particularly examines their legal situation, asksExpand
Recent Developments in Religious Liberty
  • I. Leigh
  • Sociology
  • Ecclesiastical Law Journal
  • 2008
This is the first in what is intended as a series of comments on current developments in the law concerning freedom of religion that will appear regularly in this Journal. This first survey dealsExpand
Between pluralism and majoritarianism: the European Court of Human Rights on religious symbols and education
How is it possible to square the development of a consistent European approach to religious diversity with the recognition of the sometimes-conflictive plurality of state-religion models? TheExpand
Charity Law and the Liberal State
Introduction 1. Charity law in overview 2. Towards a liberal theory of charity law 3. The choice and the boundaries of charity law 4. Charity law and distributive justice 5. Religious purposes 6.Expand
“Others-in-Law”: Legalism in the Economy of Religious Differences:
Religious legalism encompasses a wide range of attitudes that assign religious meaning to legal content or to legal compliance. The phenomenology of religious legalism is assuming a significant roleExpand
To Equality and Beyond: Religious Discrimination and the Equality Act 2006
Recent years have witnessed a piecemeal development of discrimination law that affects religious organisations: the collection includes statutes such as the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and the RaceExpand
Religious autonomy and the personal law system
This thesis examines the Indian system of personal laws (‘the PLS’), under which the state applies a version of religious doctrine to the family matters of citizens whom it identifies as belonging toExpand


Constitutional Privilege and Constituting Pluralism: Religious Freedom in National, Global, and Legal Context
Lori Beaman argues that religious freedom in Canada and the United States is well established in theory (or myth) but limited in practice, privileging Protestantism in particular and varieties ofExpand
Religious Freedom and Indian Rights: The Case of Oregon v. Smith
The Supreme Court's controversial decision in Oregon v. Smith sharply departed from previous expansive readings of the First Amendment's religious freedom clause and ignited a firestorm of protestExpand
Searching for the Soul of Judicial Decisionmaking: An Empirical Study of Religious Freedom Decisions
During the past half century, constitutional theories of religious freedom have been in a state of great controversy, perpetual transformation, and consequent uncertainty. Given the vitality ofExpand
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