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Religion im Kontext einer Europaisierung von Bildung : Eine Rekonstruktion europaischer Diskurse und Entwicklungen aus protestantischer Perspektive

  title={Religion im Kontext einer Europaisierung von Bildung : Eine Rekonstruktion europaischer Diskurse und Entwicklungen aus protestantischer Perspektive},
  author={Peter R. Schreiner},
Leading Evangelical Seminaries in German-Speaking Europe: A Transcendental Phenomenology
This transcendental phenomenology describes the essential experiences of lead administrators of evangelical seminaries in German-speaking Europe. Changes on a global scale in the educational sectorExpand
Religious Education in the European Context
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Sacred Spaces, Rituals and Texts in European Teacher Education. The Rationale behind the SpiRiTex-Project.
The spiritual capital of Europe is waiting to be rediscovered in new and exciting ways by future generations. The conception of the European “project” since the Second World War formulated by theExpand
Against Religiously Motivated Violence
It is probably fair to say that expectations regarding Religious Education in both the political sphere and among the general public have changed in ways that are responsive to elements of theExpand
Religionsunterricht angesichts von Pluralität und Diversität
Religionsunterricht angesichts von Pluralitat und Diversitat. Erasmus+ Projekt „Religionsunterricht und Vielfalt - Erfahrungsaustausch und Ansatze zur Lehrerausbildung im Rahmen von ‚Bildung undExpand
Comparative historical approaches in religious education research – methodological perspectives
This article summarises the state of comparative historical research in the field of religious education. After describing a range of purposes to be fulfilled by comparative studies, it categorises aExpand
European Institutions, Human Rights and Interreligious Education
This article introduces—in an exemplary way—positions and arguments of European institutions in the context of human rights that are open towards issues of (inter-)religious education.
Pluralism of Religions or Pluralism based on Neutrality
From my point of view, two different understandings for how to achieve tolerance, peace and justice in society and beyond have been operative in Europe (cf. Schweitzer, 1999, 2005). In an abbreviatedExpand
Religious Education Faces the Challenge of Religious Plurality: A Qualitative-Empirical Study in Vienna
In Europe RE in schools is predominantly organised denominationally. Growing religious plurality in particular is increasingly presenting a challenge for this organisational model. The question ofExpand
Non-governmental religious schools in Germany – increasing demand by decreasing religiosity?
This paper addresses the situation of non-governmental religious schools in Germany. The available empirical data demonstrate an increasing demand for these schools in recent decades. In this paper,Expand