Religion and the unconscious

  title={Religion and the unconscious},
  author={Robert C. Leslie and Ann Belford Ulanov and Barry Ulanov},
In Religion and the Unconscious, Ann and Barry Ulanov provide a thoughtful study of the relationship between religion and depth psychology. An insightful contribution to the entire area of pastoral counseling, this book demonstrates how to combine religion and depth psychology in order to provide more effective counseling. 

The religious and moral foundations of pastoral counseling

The argument is made that pastoral counseling can be distinguished from the secular psychotherapies because the former is grounded in the moral vision of the religious traditions as well as the growing body of clinical knowledge the secular Psychotherapy have made available to the culture.

Psychoanalysis And Religion In The 21St Century: Examining The Possibility Of Integration

Abstract Using Ian Barbour's fourfold typology of the relationship between religion and science—Conflict, Independence, Dialogue, and Integration—this article examines how the relationship between

Where God is Between Us: Religious Experience, Surrender, and the Third in Clinical Perspective

When patients bring up material of a religious or spiritual nature, many analysts find themselves at a loss. There is a tendency in such moments either to reduce the patient’s experience to the most

The God Beyond

This article is an attempt to describe the structure of imaging God at the adult level At the adult level of religious development, this structure has three interrelated pieces: first, there is an

Beyond Co-Existence to Mutual Influence: An Interdisciplinary Method for Psychoanalysis and Religion

As the disciplines of psychoanalysis and religion find themselves in a heightened cross-disciplinary context, issues of methodology remain at the forefront. This article constructs an

Earth, Dream, and Healing: The Integration of Materia and Psyche in the Ancient World

Influenced by the methods and practices of Hippocrates, the Asclepius cult used herbal formulae and medicinal applications intricately connected with AsclePius cult rituals and worship to help understand the inner world and symbolism of ancient dreams.

Religion and the theory of masochism

Certain religious phenomena may provide cultural or collective responses to the psychological needs at the root of masochism.

The place of religion in the training of pastoral counselors

  • A. Ulanov
  • Psychology
    Journal of religion and health
  • 1976
People who are trained in a religious tradition as well as the procedures of psychotherapy do have access to a large source of wisdom, the wisdom gathered through the centuries by men and women reflecting on their experience of God.

Prayer and the Soul: Dialogues that Heal

Prayer is more than a bowed head and folded hands. It is the deep longing that is expressed by mute bodies and by our souls, the center of being that connects us to God. Chaplains engage in dialogues

Making the history of psychology clinically and philosophically relevant.

The author discusses ways to make the history of psychology course relevant for a clinical psychology doctoral program within a multidenominational Protestant theological seminary. She uses a