Religion and old age

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The interconnections between religion and old age are complex; the more so given that the concept of age itself has – for a large part of human history – been determined by religious understandings of life. In traditional societies, religion played a crucial part in structuring the transitions between one stage of the life and the next and in defining maturity and fulfilment. And up to a point it still does: in Western societies at the turn of the millennium the association of religious rituals… 

Religious attitudes among British older people: stability and change in a 20-year longitudinal study

Britain along with other western European countries has seen a marked decrease in allegiance to traditional forms of Christianity during the latter part of the 20th century. Although church

Strong beliefs and coping in old age: a case-based comparison of atheism and religious faith

ABSTRACT Although a variety of research projects have been conducted on the benefits of religious coping in older adults, no direct comparison between atheism and religious faith has been published.

Aging and Religious Participation in Late Life

The decline in mean religious attendance across time did not accompany a mean increase in religious beliefs as expected, and numerous individual differences in the trajectory of decline for religious attendance, as well as in the initial levels of attendance and religious beliefs.

On Spirituality Part 1 : Deconstructing , grappling , and moving in the field of others

ions are part of a living system and one of our tasks as scientists is to understand the structure, process, and function of this living system at the individual and group level of analysis.

Religious meaning and subjective well-being in late life.

  • N. Krause
  • Education
    The journals of gerontology. Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences
  • 2003
The findings suggest that older adults who derive a sense of meaning in life from religion tend to have higher levels of life satisfaction, self-esteem, and optimism and that older Black adults are more likely to find meaning in religion than older White adults.

From Outsider to Parishioner: Religious Identity Among the Older Generation in the Ivanovo Archdiocese

This article deals with religious identity among the older generation in the recently formed Ivanovo Archdiocese through the analysis of two criteria: self-identification (Do you consider yourself a

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This article explores queer religious youths’ engagement with the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) – a church founded as a space of worship for LGBT Christians. Interested in sources of well-being

Exploring Race Differences in the Relationship between Social Interaction with the Clergy and Feelings of Self-Worth in Late Life

The purpose of this study is to see if em onal support from the clergy and negative interaction with clergy are associated with feelings of self-esteem in late life. A special emphasis is placed on

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In recent years, there has been significant interest in the concept of wellbeing in the academic literature. Likewise, Government strategies are increasingly being aligned with the promotion of



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List of illustrations Preface Introduction Part I. The Ages of Life and the Journey of Life: Transcendental Ideals: 1. Aging in the Western tradition: cultural origins of the modern life course 2.

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Religion in aging and health: theoretical foundations and methodological frontiers

Religious Involvement Among Older African Americans and the Study of Depression: Foundations of Investigating the Epidemiologic Effects of Religious Experience and Methodological Foundations.

Images of aging: cultural representations of later life

1. Introduction Mike Featherstone and Andy Wernick Historical and Comparative Perspectives 2. Images of old America, 1790-1970 - A Vision and a Revision Andy Achenbaum, University of Michigan 3.

The revival of death

This chapter discusses Traditional, Modern and Neo-Modern Death, as well as Stories and Meta-stories, and Systems for Listening, which addresses expectations and Assumptions of the listening community.