Religion and Revolution

  title={Religion and Revolution},
  author={Edward C. Lehman and G. Lewy},
  journal={Review of Religious Research},
From the time of their first settlements at Jamestown, Virginia, and Plymouth, Massachusetts, British colonists in North America practiced numerous forms of Christianity. Because of this diversity, the colonies as a whole can be described as pluralistic, meaning that several forms of belief and practice coexisted within the settlements. Despite this variation among the colonies, however, individual colonies were often dominated by a single religious group. In Massachusetts and Connecticut… Expand
Organised Religion, Language, and the French State
The Church is often viewed as an obstacle to centralising and modernising projects, cleaving to traditional cultural forms and local languages as a means to insulate the population from secularisingExpand
Revolutionary Exhumations in Spain, July 1936
In the first weeks of the Spanish civil war, there occurred massive popular assaults against the Catholic Church in those cities which did not fall to the Nationalists rising, the Church having beenExpand
The Sociology of Religion in Late Modernity
If there had been any doubt about the sociological importance of religion, the terrorist events of Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, and their aftermath renewed our awareness that religion mattersExpand
Faith and Terror: Religion in the French Revolution
This thesis explores expressions of Catholic belief and practice during the Radical Phase of the French Revolution. Religion was one of the most contentious issues of the Revolution and theExpand
Violence from Religious Groups
Connections between religious groups and violence are widespread in history and in contemporary societies, but have only recently begun to receive systematic attention by social scientists (Candland,Expand
Ebenezer Devotion: Religion and Society in Revolutinary Connecticut
Ebenezer Devotion was born into the family of a Congregational minister in Suffield, Connecticut (then Massachusetts), on May 8, 1714, graduated from Yale College in 1732, and on October 22, 1735 wasExpand
Indian Unrest in the Peruvian Sierra in the Late Nineteenth Century
Awatershed in Peru's development, and perhaps its most traumatic experience as an independent republic, was its humiliating defeat at the hands of Chile during the War of the Pacific (1879-1883). TheExpand
Chinese Christian communism in the early twentieth century
ABSTRACT This article deals with a unique period in Chinese Christianity in the early twentieth century. During this period a number of Christian theologians engaged actively with communism andExpand
Transnational Activist: Magda Mortal and the American Popular Revolutionary Alliance (APRA), 1926–1950
In March of 1929, die young Peruvian poet and political activist Magda Portal departed from die Yucatan in Mexico to give a series of lectures in Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, andExpand
Handbook of the Sociology of Religion: The Dynamics of Religious Economies
An immense intellectual shift is taking place in the social scientific study of religion. During the past few years many of its most venerated theoretical positions – faithfully passed down from theExpand