Religion and Iconoclasm

  title={Religion and Iconoclasm},
  author={Finbarr Barry Flood and Jas' Elsner},
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A cane and a Kaʿba model
  • G. Kale
  • Res: Anthropology and Aesthetics
  • 2021
Escalation: Assemblage, archive, animation
ABSTRACT In the uncertain early 2000s when violence between Muslims and Christians racked the Malukan islands on Indonesia's eastern edge, a handful of Protestant ministers waged an iconoclastic


Images et damnatio memoriae
La question des images et de la damnatio memoriae a ete recemment fortement exploree et renouvelee par les historiens d’art britanniques, americains et germaniques, et presque entierement ignoree par
The architecture of Alexandria and Egypt c. 300 BC to AD 700
This masterful history of the monumental architecture of Alexandria, as well as of the rest of Egypt, encompasses an entire millennium-from the city's founding by Alexander the Great in 331 B.C. to
The destruction of art : iconoclasm and vandalism since the French Revolution
Gamboni, D. (1997). The destruction of art: Iconoclasm and vandalism since the French Revolution. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. 416 pages. ISBN 0-300-07170-1. Cloth $40.00. There is a shadow
The Reformation of the Image
Martin Luther preached the radical notion that we are saved through faith alone. With one stroke, he overturned a thousand years of practice and teaching. Gone was the need for saintly intercessors
Muslims and the New Media: Historical and Contemporary Debates
Contents: Preface Introduction The print revolution Muslim conflicts over images, photography and the representational arts 'Ulama' and the motion picture: the transformative effect of information
Under the Hammer: Iconoclasm in the Anglo-American Tradition
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS CONTENTS FIGURES INTRODUCTION 1. Iconoclasm in Melbourne, Massachusetts and The Museum of Modern Art 2. Learn to Die: Late Medieval English Images Before the Law 3. Statues of
Images, iconoclasm, and the Carolingians
This book discusses art, Icons, and Their Critics and Defenders before the Age of Iconoclasm, as well as art and argument in the age of Louis the Pious.
The Forbidden Image: An Intellectual History of Iconoclasm
Philosophers and theologians have long engaged in intense debate and introspection over the representation of the deity, its possibilities and its proscriptions. "The Forbidden Image" traces the dual
Der Ikonoklasmus des Westens
This present work of nine chapters portrays iconoclastic trends within Western Christianity from the Early Middle Ages up to the time of the French Revolution. The primary intent of this work is an