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Religion Online: Finding Faith on the Internet

  title={Religion Online: Finding Faith on the Internet},
  author={Lorne L. Dawson and Douglas Edward Cowan},
1. Introduction, Lorne L. Dawson and Douglas E. Cowan 2. Cyberfaith: How Americans Pursue Religion Online, Elena Larsen Part I: Being Religious in Cyberspace 3. Popular Religion and the World Wide Web: A Match Made in (Cyber) Heaven, Christopher Helland 4. Cyberspace as Sacred Space: Communicating Religion on Computer Networks, Stephen D. O'Leary 5. Young People, Religious Identity, and the Internet, Mia Lovheim 6. Religion and the Quest for Virtual Community, Lorne L. Dawson Part II… Expand
Introduction : Rethinking the online–offline connection in the study of religion online
In one of the first edited collections addressing existential and philosophical perspectives on computer-mediated communication, Ess (1996, p. 9) stated, ‘If CMC only partially effects theExpand
Online Religion as Lived Religion. Methodological Issues in the Study of Religious Participation on the Internet
In his article Christopher Helland proposes a more comprehensive framework for his theoretical distinction for online religion and religion online. When he developed this typology in 1999, HellandExpand
"Cyberising" God: A Theo-Phenomenological Investigation of Religion Online and Online Religion
A strong demand to rejuvenate the package of religion becomes inevitable consequence of current globalization era which is marked by the emerging of the giant network of networks, the Internet. ByExpand
Virtual Buddhism: Online Communities, Sacred Places and Objects
Until recently, there has been a dearth of research which focuses on Buddhism online. This chapter contributes to our understanding of the relationships between media, religion and culture andExpand
Online Religion in Nigeria: The Internet Church and Cyber Miracles
This study examines the use of the Internet and computer-mediated communication for Christian worship in Nigeria. The seven largest and fastest growing churches in Nigeria are selected for the study,Expand
Spiritualising the Internet. Uncovering Discourses and Narratives of Religious Internet Usage
Heidi Campbell deals with an important aspect of ”lived religion” and the Internet. In her contribution Spiritualising the Internet: Uncovering Discourses and Narratives of Religious Internet Usage,Expand
Religion and the Internet
1. Introudction:Framming the Study of Religion and the Internet 2. History of Religious Use of the Internet 3. Forms of Rligion Online A.Gathering Religious Information Online B.Online Worship andExpand
Sikh-ing online: the role of the Internet in the religious lives of young British Sikhs
Set in the context of a wider study of processes of religious transmission, this article examines the role of the Internet in the religious lives of young British Sikhs. Having explored the emergenceExpand
Making Space for Religion in Internet Studies
What CMC studies of religion might offer in approaching research questions related to authority, identity construction, and community online is reviewed to call for recognition of the contribution, and possibilities that underrepresented areas within interdisciplinary research, like religion, might offer Internet studies as a whole. Expand
Religion and the Internet
Emergent scholarship on the most radical technological invention of our time confirms what most of us know from first-hand experience – that the internet has fundamentally altered our perceptions andExpand