Relief of p53-mediated telomerase suppression by p73.

  title={Relief of p53-mediated telomerase suppression by p73.},
  author={Wen Hong Toh and Satoru Kyo and Kanaga T. Sabapathy},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={280 17},
Reactivation of telomerase is a feature in many cancer cells. Telomerase activation inhibits telomere shortening, thereby preventing cell cycle arrest and apoptosis activated by shortened telomeres or chromosomal rearrangements. The tumor-suppressor gene product, p53, was previously shown to transcriptionally suppress the activation of the catalytic subunit of telomerase (hTERT). Here we have evaluated the role of p73 in hTERT regulation. We found that ectoptic expression of p73beta, in… CONTINUE READING


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