Reliable noninvasive genotyping: fantasy or reality?

  title={Reliable noninvasive genotyping: fantasy or reality?},
  author={Prithiviraj Fernando and T. N. C. Vidya and Chamila Rajapakse and Ashoka Dangolla and D. J. Melnick},
  journal={The Journal of heredity},
  volume={94 2},
Noninvasive genotyping has not gained wide application, due to the notion that it is unreliable, and also because remedial measures are time consuming and expensive. Of the wide variety of noninvasive DNA sources, dung is the most universal and most widely used in studies. We have developed collection, extraction, and amplification protocols that are inexpensive and provide a high level of success in amplifying both mitochondrial and nuclear DNA from dung. Here we demonstrate the reliability of… CONTINUE READING
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