Reliable Web Services Composition: An MDD Approach

  title={Reliable Web Services Composition: An MDD Approach},
  author={Genoveva Vargas-Solar and Valeria de Castro and Pl{\'a}cido A. Souza Neto and Javier-Alfonso Espinosa-Oviedo and Esperanza Marcos and Martin A. Musicante and Jos{\'e}-Luis Zechinelli-Martini and Christine Collet},
This paper presents an approach for modeling and associating Policies to services’ based applications. It proposes to extend the SOD-M model driven method with (i) the π-SCM, a Policy services’ composition meta-model for representing non-functional constraints associated to services’ based applications; (ii) the π-PEWS meta-model providing guidelines for expressing the composition and the policies; and, (iii) model to model and model to text transformation rules for semi-automatizing the… CONTINUE READING