Reliability of the disk damage likelihood scale.

  title={Reliability of the disk damage likelihood scale.},
  author={Jeffrey D Henderer and Connie Liu and Muge R Kesen and Undraa Altangerel and Atilla Bayer and William C. Steinmann and George L. Spaeth},
  journal={American journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={135 1},
PURPOSE To report the reliability of the glaucoma disk damage likelihood scale (DDLS) in comparison to the Armaly cup/disk ratio by determining the interobserver and intraobserver agreement for optic disk stereo photographs and the interobserver agreement for in vivo patient measurements of the optic disk. DESIGN Observational case series. METHODS Optic disk photographs: 48 stereo pairs of optic nerve photographs were selected from patients with a spectrum of glaucomatous visual field loss… CONTINUE READING

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