Reliability of rapid diagnostic tests for HIV variant infection.

  title={Reliability of rapid diagnostic tests for HIV variant infection.},
  author={Maria Makuwa and Sandrine Souqui{\`e}re and Marie Ther{\`e}se Niangui and Pierre Rouquet and Cristian Apetrei and Pierre Roques and François Simon},
  journal={Journal of virological methods},
  volume={103 2},
The sensitivity of one ELISA method, six HIV-1/HIV-2 rapid screening tests, and one confirmatory test was evaluated in comparison with a third-generation EIA method (taken as the 'gold standard') and Western blot on well-characterized panels of sera. HIV diversity was represented by 50 HIV-1 group M subtype A to H, nine HIV-1 group O, 12 HIV-2, two HIV1+2 positive and six indeterminate Western blot profiles. Sensitivity during HIV-1 seroconversion was studied on 39 serial samples collected from… CONTINUE READING