Reliability of digital, panoramic and periapical radiological techniques in the assessment of marginal bone level


Background: This study aimed to evaluate the reliability and repeatabilityof digital, panoramic and intraoral periapical Radiological techniques in the assessment of marginal bone level. Materials and method: Digital, panoramic and periapical Radiological techniques were performed for forty eight randomly selected patients between twenty five to the thirty five years of old. Dimax3 digital system pan/ceph, PLANMECA, Helsinki, Finland was used for panoramic Radiological techniques. Intraoral periapical exposure was done using the same digital radiological system. The X-ray unit operated at range of 70-80 kV and 1012 mA according to the patient age for panoramic technique while 70KV,8Ma for periapical technique which was done according to the user manual of the machine. Posterior periapical image were taken by paralleling technique. Five observers assessed the marginal bone level in both techniques independently. Results: Assessments of the marginal bone level by five observers for both techniques were analyzed by paired samples t-test, Anova test and reliability test. The statistical analysis of marginal bone level show no significant differences in periapical radiological techniques, while in panoramic radiological techniques shows high significant differences between the observers. Reliability test (used for measuring the degree of agreement between the first observer and other observers), show high degree of agreement in periapical technique than panoramic technique in assessment of alveolar bone level. The overall agreement in periapical technique for observer one and two, three, four, five was 81.3%, 93%, 90.1%, 75.6% respectively. While in panoramic radiography was 51.7%, 19.2%, 35.8%, 28.2% respectively. Conclusion: It was concluded that digital periapical view could be considered the radiological technique examination of choice for assessment of marginal bone level, comparing with digital panoramic technique.

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