Reliability of F-scan in-shoe measurements of plantar pressure.

  title={Reliability of F-scan in-shoe measurements of plantar pressure.},
  author={Jessie H Ahroni and Edward J Boyko and Ren{\'e} Forsberg},
  journal={Foot & ankle international},
  volume={19 10},
Research by our group and others indicates that many amputations of the lower limb occur after foot ulceration in patients with diabetes. It has been proposed that diabetic foot ulcers are mainly caused by repetitive trauma in areas of high plantar pressure during walking. Recent technology permits in-shoe measurement of plantar pressure. We assessed the reliability of the F-Scan in-shoe system for measurement of plantar pressure (Tekscan Inc., Boston, MA) in 51 subjects from a cohort of 977… CONTINUE READING


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