Reliability of Clustered vs. Declustered Replica Placement in Data Storage Systems

  title={Reliability of Clustered vs. Declustered Replica Placement in Data Storage Systems},
  author={Vinodh Venkatesan and Ilias Iliadis and Christina Fragouli and R{\"u}diger L. Urbanke},
  journal={2011 IEEE 19th Annual International Symposium on Modelling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems},
The placement of replicas across storage nodes in a replication-based storage system is known to affect rebuild times and therefore system reliability. Earlier work has shown that, for a replication factor of two, the reliability is essentially unaffected by the replica placement scheme because all placement schemes have mean times to data loss (MTTDLs) within a factor of two for practical values of the failure rate, storage capacity, and rebuild bandwidth of a storage node. However, for higher… CONTINUE READING
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