Reliability and Factorial Validity of Agility Tests for Soccer Players

  title={Reliability and Factorial Validity of Agility Tests for Soccer Players},
  author={Goran Spori{\vs} and Igor Juki{\'c} and Luka Milanovi{\'c} and Vlatko Vu{\vc}eti{\'c}},
  journal={Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research},
Sporis, G, Jukic, I, Milanovic, L, and Vucetic, V. Reliability and factorial validity of agility tests for soccer players. J Strength Cond Res 24(3): 679-686, 2010-The purpose of this study was to evaluate the reliability and factorial validity of agility tests used in soccer. One hundred fifty (n = 150), elite, male, junior soccer players, members of the First Junior League Team, volunteered to participate in the study. The slalom test (ST) sprint 4 × 5 m (S4 × 5) and sprint 9-3-6-3-6-9 m with… 

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The RVS-T proved to be a reliable tool to evaluate agility in field conditions and showed better RVS -T and DMT performances with respect to soccer counterparts, probably due to the higher velocity of actions and faster decision-making of their sport.

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The AAT is reliable to measure change of direction (COD) capacity in soccer players and is sensitive to match-induced fatigue during the second half and discriminates players from different competitive levels.

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Ovo istraživanje je provedeno s ciljem analize latentne strukture motorickih testova namjenjenih procjeni agilnosti. U tu svrhu formirana je baterija od 32 motoricka testa u koju su ukljuceni

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