Reliability analysis of DOOF for Weibull distribution.


Hierarchical Bayesian method for estimating the failure probability p(i) under DOOF by taking the quasi-Beta distribution B(p(i-1), 1, 1, b) as the prior distribution is proposed in this paper. The weighted Least Squares Estimate method was used to obtain the formula for computing reliability distribution parameters and estimating the reliability characteristic values under DOOF. Taking one type of aerospace electrical connector as an example, the correctness of the above method through statistical analysis of electrical connector accelerated life test data was verified.

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@article{Chen2003ReliabilityAO, title={Reliability analysis of DOOF for Weibull distribution.}, author={Wen-Hua Chen and Jie Cui and Xiao-yan Fan and Xian-Biao Lu and Ping Xiang}, journal={Journal of Zhejiang University. Science}, year={2003}, volume={4 4}, pages={448-53} }