Reliability Issues and Models of sub-90nm NAND Flash Memory Cells

  title={Reliability Issues and Models of sub-90nm NAND Flash Memory Cells},
  author={Hong Yang and Hyunjae Kim and Sung-il Park and Jongseob Kim and Sung-Hoon Lee and Jung-Ki Choi and Duhyun Hwang and Chulsung Kim and Mincheol Park and Keun-Ho Lee and Young-Kwan Park and Jai Kwang Shin and Jeong-Taek Kong},
  journal={2006 8th International Conference on Solid-State and Integrated Circuit Technology Proceedings},
The reliability issues, including 100k cycle's endurance and 2 hours high temperature storage (HTS: 150degC, 200degC and 250degC) of sub-90nm NAND flash cells, are studied. Furthermore, the trap generation models in endurance and interface trap recovery model in HTS are proposed. Endurance characteristics show that the interface trap and bulk trap generation have a power-dependence on program/erase cycle count (DeltaNit, DeltaNot infin cycleuarrm). The exponent of interface trap generation both… CONTINUE READING
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