Reliability Estimation of <formula formulatype="inline"><tex Notation="TeX">$k$</tex></formula>-out-of-<formula formulatype="inline"><tex Notation="TeX">$n$</tex></formula> Pairs:G Balanced Systems With Spatially Distributed Units


The applications of k-out-of- n pairs:G Balanced systems with spatially distributed units are emerging in aerospace and military industries. A k-out-of- n pairs:G Balanced system has n pairs of units distributed evenly in a circular configuration. The system operates when at least k pairs of units operate in a balanced arrangement. The reliability… (More)

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@article{Hua2016ReliabilityEO, title={Reliability Estimation of \$k\$-out-of-\$n\$ Pairs:G Balanced Systems With Spatially Distributed Units}, author={Dingguo Hua and Elsayed A. Elsayed}, journal={IEEE Transactions on Reliability}, year={2016}, volume={65}, pages={886-900} }