Reliability And Optimal Maintenance

  title={Reliability And Optimal Maintenance},
  author={Marcel Abendroth},
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Preventive maintenance for systems with repairable minor failures
Reliability modeling of repairable systems deals mostly with two types of repair. Perfect repair brings a system to “as good as new” state. Minimal repair, on the contrary, returns a system to the
An improved degradation model for preventive maintenance
The paper deals with a degradation model applied to obtain the state probabilities and the reliability functions of an industrial equipment, which considers the random character of the wear rate and accidental failure rate in order to comply with the usual maintenance conditions.
Continuous improvement of imperfect maintenance actions in PAS and PAR models
Results showed that by adopting CI practices over maintenance actions, the unavailability of the system is reduced in greater proportion over time, besides contributing positively to safety.
On dynamic information-based life extension
The main distinction from the previous works is that for optimal decision, the information on degradation is utilised, which enables to use optimally resources of a system.
Reliability analysis of two unit parallel repairable industrial system
Article history: Received March 29, 2015 Received in revised format: May 12, 2015 Accepted May 12, 2015 Available online May 18 2015 The aim of this work is to present a reliability and profit
Joint optimization of maintenance and inventory with double age ordering policy
In this paper, we study joint optimization of maintenance and inventory. We consider a system containing a single machine subject to random failure, and have two kinds of failures, major and minor
Optimum sequential preventive maintenance first or last policies with imperfect maintenance for a system subject to shocks
Abstract This paper proposes and analyses the generalized sequential preventive maintenance policies for an operating system that works at random processing times and subject to shocks. The shocks
Investigation of various maintenance parameters for auxiliaries in a coal‐handling plant aided by a Visual Basic 6.0–based scheduled program
A Visual Basic 6.0–based software program is here proposed for a comprehensive running and maintenance database management capable of storing all relevant data related to parts, equipment, personnel, spares, failures, costs, etc, and displays a warning message when the expected life of a particular component has been reached.
Selective maintenance optimisation considering random common cause failures and imperfect maintenance
The results show that the proposal of time-based imperfect maintenance model can yield better maintenance results, while ignoring random common cause failures in selective maintenance optimisation may produce biased maintenance decisions and system reliability.
A literature review on selective maintenance for multi‐unit systems
Selective maintenance is regarded as a type of profit‐generating maintenance policy, playing an important role in balancing limited maintenance resources with system performance. Since 1988,