Reliabilität der energetischen Meridianmessung mit Prognos A(R).

  title={Reliabilit{\"a}t der energetischen Meridianmessung mit Prognos A(R).},
  author={Treugut and G{\"o}rner and Luedtke and Burghardt},
  journal={Forschende Komplementarmedizin},
  volume={5 6},
Reliability of Energetic Meridian Measurement with Prognos A(R) OBJECTIVE: Is energetic measurement of the Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) meridians with Prognos A a reliable method? PATIENTS: 30 healthy volunteers from the staff of the Stauferklinik, Schwä bisch Gmü nd, Germany. DESIGN: Measuremeuts are taken 4 times from each person at all terminal locations of the meridians (24 points) on fingers and toes with Prognos A. Breaks between each measurement run lastet 2-5 min. The values of… CONTINUE READING

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