Relevance of plant lectins in human cell biology and immunology.

  title={Relevance of plant lectins in human cell biology and immunology.},
  author={Lakshmi Narayan Shanmugham and Maria Luisa Castellani and Vincenzo Salini and Katia Falasca and Jacopo Vecchiet and Pio Conti and Claudia Petrarca},
  journal={Rivista di biologia},
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Protein-carbohydrate interactions are used for intercellular communication. Mammalian cells are known to bear a variety of glycoconjugates. Lectins, first discovered in plants, are proteins which can specifically bind carbohydrates. Given the high affinity of plant lectins for carbohydrates, they have always been important as molecular tools in the identification, purification and stimulation of specific glycoproteins on human cells. Lectins have provided important clues to the repertoire of… CONTINUE READING