Release of fatty acids from virus glycoproteins by hydroxylamine.

  title={Release of fatty acids from virus glycoproteins by hydroxylamine.},
  author={Anthony I. Magee and A. Hajime Koyama and C Malfer and Dingyi Wen and Milton J Schlesinger},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={798 2},
The fatty acids bound to the glycoproteins of Sindbis and vesicular stomatitis viruses can be released by treating the protein with 1 M hydroxylamine at pH 8.0, but the rates of release vary greatly among the three proteins. The most labile fatty acyl bonds were in the Sindbis virus PE2/E2 proteins and the most stable were in the E1 protein. Some of the fatty acids in Sindbis virus glycoproteins were reduced to the alcohol after treatment with sodium borohydride, indicating that protein-bound… CONTINUE READING

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