Release of cytokines from isolated lung strips by bradykinin


Bradykinin as an inflammatory mediator was assayed for its ability to release cytokines from isolated lung tissue derived from guinea pigs, mice and in some cases from patients. Bradykinin elicited in concentrations, which were able to induce a contraction of isolated lung strips, a secretion of different cytokines from the tissue into organ baths as well… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF02032574


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@article{Paegelow1995ReleaseOC, title={Release of cytokines from isolated lung strips by bradykinin}, author={Inge Paegelow and H. Werner and Gabriele Vietinghoff and Ulrike G Wartner}, journal={Inflammation Research}, year={1995}, volume={44}, pages={306-311} }