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Relay: A High-Level IR for Deep Learning

  title={Relay: A High-Level IR for Deep Learning},
  author={Jared Roesch and Steven Lyubomirsky and Marisa Kirisame and J. Pollock and Logan Weber and Ziheng Jiang and T. Chen and T. Moreau and Zachary Tatlock},
  • Jared Roesch, Steven Lyubomirsky, +6 authors Zachary Tatlock
  • Published 2019
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • Frameworks for writing, compiling, and optimizing deep learning (DL) models have recently enabled progress in areas like computer vision and natural language processing. Extending these frameworks to accommodate the rapidly diversifying landscape of DL models and hardware platforms presents challenging tradeoffs between expressiveness, composability, and portability. We present Relay, a new intermediate representation (IR) and compiler framework for DL models. The functional, statically-typed… CONTINUE READING
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