Relaxin concentrations in serum and urine of endangered and crazy mixed-up species.

  title={Relaxin concentrations in serum and urine of endangered and crazy mixed-up species.},
  author={Bernard G. Steinetz and Sally Lasano and Florine J de Haas van Dorsser and Scott Glickman and Don R. Bergfelt and Rachel M. Santymire and N Songsassen and Willie J Swanson},
  journal={Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences},
The human population explosion has pushed many mammalian wildlife species to the brink of extinction. Conservationists are increasingly turning to captive breeding as a means of preserving the gene pool. We previously reported that serum immunoactive relaxin provided a reliable means of distinguishing between true and pseudopregnancy in domestic dogs, and this method has since been found to be a reliable indicator of true pregnancy in endangered Asian and African elephants and Sumatran… CONTINUE READING
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