Relaxed multiple routing configurations for IP fast reroute

  title={Relaxed multiple routing configurations for IP fast reroute},
  author={Tarik Cicic and Audun Fosselie Hansen and Amund Kvalbein and Matthias Hartmann and R{\"u}diger Martin and Michael Menth},
  journal={NOMS 2008 - 2008 IEEE Network Operations and Management Symposium},
Multi-topology routing is an increasingly popular IP network management concept that allows transport of different traffic types over disjoint network paths. The concept is of particular interest for implementation of IP fast reroute (IP FRR). First, it can support guaranteed, instantaneous recovery from any link or node failure. Second, different failures result in routing over different network topologies, which augments the parameter space for load distribution optimizations. Multiple… CONTINUE READING
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