Relaxed and Hybridized Backstepping

  title={Relaxed and Hybridized Backstepping},
  author={Humberto Stein Shiromoto and Vincent Andrieu and Christophe Prieur},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control},
In this technical note, we consider nonlinear control systems for which there exist structural obstacles to the design of classical continuous backstepping feedback laws. We conceive feedback laws such that the origin of the closed-loop system is not globally asymptotically stable but a suitable attractor (strictly containing the origin) is practically asymptotically stable. A design method is suggested to build a hybrid feedback law combining a backstepping controller with a locally… 

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Uniting Local and Global Controllers with Robustness to Vanishing Noise

  • C. Prieur
  • Mathematics
    Math. Control. Signals Syst.
  • 2001
This work considers control systems for which two stabilizing controllers are known, and considers a kind of generalization of Krasovskii trajectories for hybrid systems to find a uniting control law being equal to the local feedback on a neighborhood of the origin.

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This work constructs an SLFF pair for an affine control system where the control input is produced through an integrator and asymptotically stabilizes the extended system when the “synergy gap” for the original system is strictly positive.

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The proposed approach provides feedback laws with several degrees of freedom which can be exploited to tackle design constraints and serves as a basic tool to be used, in a recursive design, to deal with more complex systems.